Mobile App source code

The goTracker Mobile App is ready for 3 mobile platforms: iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android™, Windows® Phone, all with a single codebase.

goTracker App features:

- Designed to communicate with either a GTS Server™ or an Open GTS Server™, or with our ready goTracker Server platform.
- View devices configured in OpenGTS™.
- View real-time position of the devices in Map.
- View all devices and last position in Map.
- View map path to follow the device with you mobile phone.
- Search for device track based on date and time.
- Device Reports - Event Detail and Speed Report.
- Auto update of the device position and follow-track (update configurable in different time frames, every 10-15-30 seconds, and minutes)
- History track review and reports
- Square and Round Geofence settings.
- Device configuration by SMS and by GPRS.

We provide you all the source code to get ready with your mobile app !