goTracker Server - GPS Tracking Server Platform

The goTracker GPS Tracking Server Platform GPS is a Unix Ubuntu based ready server that provides you with a possibility to avoid to install a complete GPS tracking server without extra expenses which are normally required for buying and supporting a server for GPS tracking.
The goTracker GPS Tracking Server comes ready to be installed on your PC with all you need to have a complete GPS system ready in a short time, nothing else to install.

We provide you an ISO file to directly install to your server hard disk.

We have already undertaken all technical aspects, and you only will be able to concentrate on your core business:
selling and installing GPS devices, getting them connected to the vehicle monitoring system on your site, providing the mobile app, supporting and servicing your end-users.

You can start your own GPS tracking business without any significant investment.

goTracker Server comes with all already installed to have a complete GPS tracking server and support a large number of GPS devices for personal and vehicle tracking.
It is a complete software solution that can track over 10 000 tracking devices on a single server.
Advanced GPS-tracking software control for fuel, geofences, reports, device configuration via GPRS, SMS alarms, push notifications.

Direct interaction with the mobile goTracker App.

We provide you all the software files you need to manage the tracking server.

The server has been developed using the following technologies:
Java, PHP, Javascript, Apache, MySQL, TomCAT, phpmyadmin.

No monthly fee, no additional cost. We provide only an optional fee for upgrade protection.