Services & software developing

We provide all you need to develop new device drivers, developer and customization services for OpenGTS™.

Customize web-page OpenGTS™ decorations
we can customize the look and feel of the OpenGTS™ tracking web site to fit the motif of the specific company, with your logo and colors, customizing the track.war (Web-ARchive)

Develop Device Communication Server (DCS)
We can provide, implement and develop the driver for your GPS device (DCS - Device Communication Server) in order to communicate with OpenGTS™ implementing your device HTTP-based protocol.

Customize Device Communication Server (DCS)
We can implement new functions and features to your DCS, like bidirection communication between your device and the server via GPRS.

Develop driver for specific Geocoder Provider
We can develop driver for:
- ReverseGeocodeProviders used to convert latitude/longitude values into a street address (Geonames, etc.).
– GeocodeProvider used to convert street addresses into a latitude/longitude (if available).
- Google V3