about goTracker

Why should you choose us?

goTracker is an Italian company created in 2013 with almost 7 years’ experience developing GPS software for tracking.

We are the experts in GPS White Label solutions.

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about-us about-us

Passion / Philosophy / Innovation


Our Story

goTracker launched in March 2013 and our mission is still the same. Today we have customers in all over the world and hundreds of people using goTracker to manage thousands of GPS devices for vehicles, pets, assets, older people and more.


Our Philosophy

We are passionate about what we do.
A White Label platform should provide all the features to build a profitable GPS tracking business. Apps sholud be easy to install, complete and not complex, and that's why we developed them with he most up-date software technology.


Our Innovation

Add more value and the best customization to the platform and that's why we add more and innovative features to our platform, not found in any other.